2017 Presenting Companies

Vancouver - Seed



Dealing with a medical condition is stressful and tiring. Quality of outcomes and quality of life depend on how well a patient is supported in their health journey – both for their medical needs and all the practicalities of life. Careteam helps you and your entire circle of care work more effectively as a team, when it matters most.  Find out more.


Conquer Mobile

With increasing surgical complexity and decreasing training budgets, orientation training can be a real challenge. PeriopSim teaches OR nurses instrumentation and procedures before they set foot in the OR. It is now in use in over 200 facilities across North America. Find out more.


CuePath Innovation

CuePath enables families and care professionals to remotely track medication intake of their loved ones, which helps families to alleviate the stress associated with caregiving, and care professionals to offer medication reminder services more efficiently. Our solution is based on medication packaging which is familiar to most seniors so they do not need any training on new technology. Find out more.


Mesentech is a company focused on treating diseases and medical conditions that relate to bone. We are generating a series of products, from different, but complementary approaches that will effectively address currently difficult to treat conditions. Find out more.

nourished babe

Introducing nourished babe, your access point to trusted prenatal health information vetted by experts, whenever—and wherever—you need it. nourished babe is on a mission to empower expecting moms with nutrition knowledge they can trust. Our app removes the guesswork to make nourishment easy and stress-free. Find out more.


Vesalius Cardiovascular 

Vesalius Cardiovascular is a biomedical research and development corporation based in Vancouver, Canada focused on the treatment of structural heart disease, specifically mitral valve disease causing mitral regurgitation. Find out more.

Vancouver - Series A


Microdermics is a Vancouver based medical device company focused on commercializing a novel hollow microneedle delivery platform targeting the multi-billion biopharmaceutical market. Microdermics’ platform aims to revolutionize the traditional hypodermic needle-based drug injection by increasing efficiency, reducing pain, and improving personnel and patient safety. Find out more.


Novelogics Biotechnology

The proprietary technology behind Novelogics’ innovation involves discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies that target soluble decoy proteins that are involved with the devastating immune system suppression associated with cancer progression. It is predicted that this new therapy will broadly treat many types of cancers and will do so in a less toxic fashion without inducing debilitating side-effects. Find out more.


Sitka Biopharma

At Sitka Biopharma, we are focused on transforming chemotherapies to further benefit patients by enhancing efficacy and improving tolerability. Utilizing our breakthrough polymeric nanoparticle platform technology, we are able to improve drug absorption of difficult-to-penetrate tissues, thereby enhancing treatment benefit. Find out more.


Starling Minds

Starling is an online mental health and wellness program for organizations. We help people understand that mental health is every bit as important as physical health. We provide education, tools, and community support that’s available anytime, anywhere. This way, we can all improve our mental health to become the best version of ourselves. Find out more.


ViewsIQ digitizes patient samples microscopically to disrupt the pathology practice, the last remaining medical imaging field to have gone digital. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the laboratory's existing workflow, our Panoptiq software system allows clinicians to digitize samples with the full comfort and complexity of their own microscopes. With Panoptiq, clinicians can now offer expert diagnostic care to patients virtually anywhere. Find out more.



Zomanex is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of proprietary pharmaceutical products based on its patented Orazom drug delivery platform. Orazom allows hydrophobic compounds to be efficiently absorbed in the small intestine, thereby permitting oral dosing of pharmaceutical compounds that have previously been administered intravenouslyor by injection. Find out more.

Seattle - Seed


Format Health

Format Health is a digital health company that provides mobile charting solutions for frontline healthcare workers. Our flagship product EventDoc is a tablet based SaaS that enables nurses to rapidly document comprehensive data during in-hospital cardiac arrests (Code Blue). Find out more.


Pillsy is a smart pill bottle and app that helps people to remember and track their vitamins and medications. After a simple setup, the smart pill automatically tracks doses and sends intelligent reminders when the user forgets. If the user skips doses Pillsy’s chat bot asks them why, so they can drill down to the core reasons and provide helpful feedback to keep them on track. Find out more.



Opticyte is a startup company and a spin out of the University of Washington. The company was formed to commercialize a next-generation oximeter that will allow clinicians real-time monitoring of cellular oxygenation and perfusion. Find out more.



SafKan has developed the world's first automated medical device to quickly and safely remove impacted cerumen in children, adults, and the elderly. An innovative, elegant, and mess-free solution -- the OtoSet effectively incorporates simultaneous irrigation and suction into a device simple enough to be operated by any level of provider. Find out more.



For healthcare companies struggling to manage high-cost poly-chronic patient populations, Samepage has a proprietary evidence-based method that is proven to easily integrate behavioral health methodologies into current chronic condition care-management programs.  Our customers get training, software, and implementation support – empowering them to efficiently return patients to lower cost care paradigms using current staff and a standardized, measurable process. Find out more.



Virvio designs innovative medicines that improve people's lives. Our computational drug discovery platform rapidly optimizes synthetic biotherapies that are easy to manufacture, shelf stable and outperform known antibodies. Find out more.

Seattle - Series A


Concure Oncology

Concure Oncology innovates with tried-and-true technology to provide cancer treatments that combine effectiveness with unprecedented convenience. Our exclusive Breast Microseed Treatment® reflects our dedication to helping women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer regain their quality of life and peace of mind as quickly and confidently as possible. Find out more.


CurvaFix is an emerging medical device company based in the Seattle area developing the CurvaFix® Rodscrew: the only orthopedic implant capable of following natural bone curvature to fill intramedullary space within the bone enabling a less invasive procedure, shorter surgery, and quicker recovery for pelvic fracture patients. Find out more.



Healionics is addressing the critical need for improved means of vascular access for hemodialysis in patients with kidney failure.  Our devices are based on our platform STAR® technology which provides substrate-independent, precision-engineered, 3D biomaterial scaffolds that enhance the biointegration and function of medical implants. Find out more.


Kineta Immuno-Oncology

Kineta Immuno-Oncology is a privately held biotech company focused on developing disruptive technologies that shift the paradigm in cancer treatment by turning cold tumors hot.  Our research and development is centered around small molecule innate immune activators of the RIG-I pathway.  This novel pathway has been largely unexploited for drug discovery.  Activating innate immune pathways can cause direct tumor killing and an anti-tumor immune response. Find out more.

NanoSurface Biomedical

NanoSurface Biomedical provides products and services for drug development, disease modeling, and fundamental research into cell biology. NanoSurface culture products imitate the native extracellular matrix, and structure cultured cells into physiologically relevant tissue models. Find out more.



YouScript is a leader in precision medication management. A leader in clinical decision support analytics software that evaluates potential drug-drug and gene-drug interactions. Backed by a powerful combination of innovative analytics software and expert staff, YouScript has a longstanding commitment to the prevention of dangerous and life-threatening adverse drug events (ADEs). Find out more.

Portland - Seed



MiddleGate is focused on helping Healthcare Revenue Cycle professionals stay ahead of the claim game. To do this, we've gathered the most knowledgeable and passionate experts and PHD's in Revenue Cycle Management and Information Communication Technology to bring you our services. Find out more.


OmnEcoil Instruments

OmnEcoil Instruments is developing a new patent-pending biopsy device that will enable the collection of prostate biopsies in a one-step procedure (vs. the existing two-step process) with reduced false negative results, improved diagnosis of cancer virulence, and reduced patient morbidity. Find out more.


Sedia Biosciences

Sedia Bioscience's mission is to advance global access to healthcare by developing innovative disease surveillance and monitoring tools, expanding accessible point-of-care diagnostic testing into both technology-rich and resource-limited settings and providing cost-effective specimen collection devices. Find out more.

Sonivate Medical

Sonivate Medical develops and markets innovative ultrasound technology.  The company’s technology opens new markets for ultrasound by extending its use especially with “ease of use and preference” for new users. The SonicEye®, Sonivate’s initial product, is a fingertip-mounted ultrasound probe that combines ultrasound imaging with simultaneous tactile feedback, while leaving both hands free to do work. Find out more.

Portland - Series A


At Amplion, we see biomarkers as the key to delivering on the promise of personalized medicine. From drug research and discovery and companion diagnostic development to patient care, we understand that biomarkers will drive personalized care. Find out more.


APDM’s mission is to develop and commercialize best-in-class solutions for quantifying human movement with wearable technologies. APDM was founded in November of 2007 in Portland, Oregon. It began when Dr. James McNames began searching for an unobtrusive wearable movement sensor capable of logging high bandwidth data from people with Parkinson’s disease for weeks at a time. Today, applications for APDM technology include gait and balance analysis, fall risk, kinematics, continuous at-home recording, and more. Find out more.

Hemex Health

Hemex Health seeks out and works with brilliant inventors to deliver revolutionary solutions to global health problems.  Our innovative products are designed to help millions of people across all markets, especially in underserved areas. Find out more.


Madorra is working towards changing the paradigm for treating vaginal dryness, by providing a medical device solution to a problem that has previously only been served by pharmaceuticals. We are focused on giving post-menopausal women and breast cancer survivors the power to choose the non-hormonal treatment option they want. Find out more.



NemaMetrix Inc. specializes in developing and manufacturing devices, consumables, and software for worm screening and phenotyping. The company’s mission is to enable scientists and researchers around the world to better understand human diseases and explore potential treatments for high-impact disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and cardiac arrhythmias by offering a more affordable and rapid system that supplements the traditional mouse model. Find out more.

Owl Insights

Owl Insights is transforming behavioral health through measurement based care. Originally conceived in the University of Washington’s Department of Psychology, today leading institutions such as Seattle Children’s Hospital, Boston University, George Washington University, Virginia Tech and the San Mateo (CA) County Office of Education use the Owl to improve patient outcomes and analyze program performance. Find out more.


Pacific Diabetes Technologies

Pacific Diabetes Technologies (PDT) is dedicated to the goal of creating an accessible integrated artificial pancreas by combining insulin infusion and sensor chemistry. Not only will these devices make life simpler for people with Type 1 diabetes or insulin-treated Type 2 diabetes, they can be instrumental in bringing a reliable artificial pancreas to market. Find out more.


Qview Health

Qview Health offers enterprise software that addresses the mandate for hospitals to collect, evaluate and report quality outcomes data. A fully interoperable hospital-wide system, Qview standardizes the case and peer review process by encapsulating highly sensitive data and communication in a secure and privileged environment. Mitigating risk of financial loss due to legal action and low reimbursement from non-compliant quality practices, Qview solves a significant problem for today's hospitals without creating additional burdens on clinicians.  Find out more.