2016 Presenting Companies



From the award-winning Healthy Habits app and our clinically proven SmartQuit smoking cessation program, to our new 2Morrow Health program, 2Morrow is leading the way in mobilizing behavior change.  Find out more.

Arbutus Medical

Arbutus Medical is a surgical equipment company developing innovative devices for use in developing countries, disaster relief, and other low-resource environments. Find out more.

Aspect Biosystems

Aspect Biosystems is an award-winning biotechnology company specializing in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. We bring together a multi-talented team of individuals to develop cutting-edge custom human tissue technology for use in the life sciences. Find out more.


Claris Reflex

Claris Reflex provides automatic coaching, education and communication to motivate patients to better comply with their prescribed pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical rehabilitation programs. Find out more.

CuePath Innovation

CuePath enables families and care professionals to remotely track medication intake of their loved ones, which helps families to alleviate the stress associated with caregiving, and care professionals to offer medication reminder services more efficiently. Our solution is based on medication packaging which is familiar to most seniors so they do not need any training on new technology. Find out more.


Cyon Therapeutics

Driven by the knowledge that better outcomes in SEPSIS are possible, Cyon Therapeutics Inc. was formed in 2014 to make this a reality. Led by a team of outstanding Critical Care Physicians and support by 2 CEOs, the goal of the organisation is to bring a novel treatment platform to sepsis.  Find out more.

Gamma Therapeutics

Gamma Therapeutics is a biotech start-up developing medical devices for CVD risk assessment, surgical therapy & hemorrhage control employing human clotting proteins. GT's flagship product, GammaCoeur, is a more predictive CVD test to guide physicians in developing preventive care programs. Find out more.

HeadCheck Health

HeadCheck Health provides a complete concussion management and identification tool used by trained professionals in sport. It is our mission to provide an effective and affordable solution for concussion identification and management. Find out more.

ImStar Therapeutics

At ImStar Therapeutics we are working on a promising new approach to treat patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. We are developing treatments directed at a proprietary new therapeutic target recently discovered for ALS called TANA or TDP-43 Associated NF-kB Activation.  Find out more.

Innovative Dental Technologies

We are committed to creating innovative solutions for dental clinics that allow the patient and practitioner to feel empowered. Our products ensure that every practitioner can continually provide comfort and efficiency throughout any dental appointment. Find out more.


Gain faster, easier access to clinical trial documents. Increase your data quality while lowering costs. Find out more.


Litesprite’s platform is designed to strengthen the patient-provider relationship. We cost-effectively improve health outcomes for a variety of chronic health conditions. We are the first video game to win a U.S. Surgeon General Award and we are the only one being recommended by clinics today. Find out more.


Microdermics is a Vancouver-based company focused on commercializing a novel hollow microneedle delivery platform targeting the multi-billion biopharmaceutical market, disrupting the traditional use of hypodermic-based drug injections. Find out more.


Opticyte is a startup company and a spin out of the University of Washington. The company was formed to commercialize a next-generation oximeter that will allow clinicians real-time monitoring of cellular oxygenation and perfusion. Find out more.

Phoenix Molecular Designs

At Phoenix Molecular Designs, our innovative strategy for attacking cancer is based on a sophisticated “lock and key” mechanism where our drug will fit specifically and precisely to a protein that causes the cancer to grow unchecked, and “unlock” the protein to trigger cancer cell death, without affecting the normal healthy surrounding cells.  Find out more.

PIA Medical

Precision Image Analysis (PIA) is a world class service provider of cloud-based, advanced medical image post-processing and analysis. We serve the global healthcare and research communities as well as clinical trials.  PIA offers an excellent opportunity to incorporate previously elusive advanced imaging at reduced cost and increased quality with exceptional standardization and turnaround times. Find out more.


TargetTape is clinically testing functional prototypes based upon their new patent-pending product embodiment in US and Canadian surgeries and is commercializing the device. Find out more.


Virvio designs innovative medicines that improve people's lives. Our computational drug discovery platform rapidly optimizes synthetic biotherapies that are easy to manufacture, shelf stable and outperform known antibodies. Find out more.